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Grow Your Own Mushrooms for Research and Space Travel

Learn mycology so you can cultivate mushrooms at home. Find the most reliable information to produce the best strains at your own pace and skill level.

We provide high quality liquid cultures, agar trays, and grain bags. Let’s create a community that practices ethical and proper cultivation for a better and safer mushroom growing experience.

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At Fungi Farmz, we only supply the best isolated cultures, colonized agar trays, and colonized grain bags. We strive to source rare and unique spores and cultures for you to experiment with.

Our mission is to educate mushroom enthusiasts on how to safely handle mushrooms as well as explain their properties and uses in the most helpful way possible.

frequently asked questions

No We do not. Fungi farmz does not sell any mushroom products other than spores, Liquid cultures, grow kits. Please check your local laws regarding psilocybin mushrooms and cultivation. Currently in colorado and all other states there are no legal ways to purchase mushrooms. Oregon may allow purchase of a psychedelic therapy session but you can not bring mushrooms home with you.

Please check our blogs and information section for more details.

The growth of mushrooms can vary depending on the strain. Exotic strains such as PENIS ENVY tend to grow slower, but also have a much higher psilocybin content. The Genetics we provide at Fungi Farmz can yield a harvest within as little as 4-5 weeks. We do have a faster option that can result in harvest times as little as two or three weeks! Contact us for more information.

Mushrooms grow well in dark, cool, and humid areas. You may need to get a humidifier with specific settings if you don’t have the ideal humidity levels in your location.